Pelaaja Digital

Finland's largest 100% gaming focused website and social media.

  • has 145.000 unique visitors and 700.000 page views per month (Google Analytics)
  • Mobile user base 50% Desktop 40% Tables 10%
  • Pelaaja Facebook has over 15.000 likes and average weekly reach 275.000
  • Pelaaja Twitter has 4.750 followers and Instagram 3.000 followers
  • Pelaaja YouTube channel has 5.700 subscribers (57.000+ hours of content watched, 650+ videos)
  • Pelaaja's podcast is Finland's oldest still ongoing podcast and Finland's most listened podcast in Games & Hobbies category (iTunes). Voted the 2nd best podcast in Finland (2017)
  • Main target group: 18-25 year old males interested in games and entertainment

Extended Coverage

In addition to any organic coverage and traditional advertisement, You can get extended exposure for Your product.

Measured Results

We want to help you measure Your key metrics. Ask for more detailed info on specific tracked metrics.

Brand awareness and visibility Brand health metrics User base diversification
Sales enhancement Innovation metrics

Homepage Takeover

  • Premium spot in Finland's most influential gaming media
  • Exclusive visibility for Your product or brand on
  • NOTE! Wallpaper area is not visible for mobile impressions
  • Read up to 60.000 unique gamers per week

CPM 20€ (min. 50.000 impressions)


  • Hilighted spot in Finland's most influential gaming media
  • Reach up to 60.000 unique gamers per week

CPM 10€ (min. 50.000 impressions)

Video (300x250)

  • Most effective ad spot on
  • Reach up to 60.000 unique gamers per week
  • Guaranteed CTR 3%

CPM 30€ (min 50.000 impressions)

Theme Site

  • A site that collects all related articles about Your brand or product under the same page
  • Hilighted with permanent visual branding
  • Theme site visible from the front page of
  • Reach over 200.000 gamers during the campaign

500 €

Branded Video Features

  • Exclusive promotional content made by Pelaaja editorial team
  • Videos featured on, Pelaaja social medias and YouTube

750€ (up to 2 mins)

Promotional Spot In Podcast

  • Featured message of Your brand or product in one or more episodes of Pelaajacast
  • Reach the audience of Finland's most popular gaming podcast
  • Voted the 2nd best podcast in Finland (all categories, 2017)
  • Average reach 5.000+

150€ per 15 second spot

Branded Competitions

  • Exclusive editorial competition promoting Your product on
  • Promoted in Pelaaja social medias
  • Average reach 75.000+ (1.000-3.000 unique entries)

350€ + prizes

Branded Advertorial Coverage

  • More exposure for Your brand or product on
  • Extended editorial content or localized promotional material
  • Average reach 50.000+ unique gamers


Premium News Coverage

  • Our editorial team uses more resources in covering Your brand or product on
  • Gread way to build up exposure until Your product launches

1000€ / week, 1-2 extra articles or news per day (monday-friday)

Branded Questionnaire

  • Engage gamers and gain valuable information about Your brand or product
  • Reach 50.000+ unique gamers per week

250€ / week